Top 5 Play-Doh in Bulk Buys

Are you looking to get a good deal bulking up on play-doh, maybe you have a party coming up or maybe your kids just love play-doh, I know mine do!

One of the most fun things you can do with kids is crafts. It’s usually colorful, sometimes messy and just allows for creativity. Play-doh is a great option when it comes to colorful creativeness.

3 Things to Think of When Buying Play-doh in Bulk:

What will you be using it for? 

Are you getting play-doh for your own kids, for a party or maybe to use as gifts. What you will be using it for might determine the size of play-doh can you want.

If you are getting play-doh to keep for your own kids at home go with the bigger cans. If you are using it as a gift for a party, maybe consider the smaller, fun shaped cans.

How much play-doh do you need?

Buying in bulk means that you want more than the normal six pack option. Play-doh themselves have come up with some fun larger set of play-doh.

The largest set I’ve seen is the one with 60 cans. That will be great for giveaways or even for keeping for many fun creative hours at home.

Quality of the product

There are knock-off brands that offer similar doh, I’ve tried some of them with my kids and they seem to dry up quicker. You want to consider sticking with the proven maker of play-doh.

Play-doh offers a few different options when it comes to buying play-doh in bulk, we’ll take a closer look at those options in this article…


Top 5 Play-Doh in Bulk Buys


1. 36 Can Mega Pack 

Play-doh cans included in package: 36  

Colors included: Rainbow colors, which means a mix of colors.

Size of can: Regular size cans, 3 oz each.

Total weight of play-doh: 108 oz.

Age: 2+

These mixed fun colors of non-toxic play-doh will allow for hours of fun. Let your kids be creative and have fun with 36 different cases of play-doh.

This package is a great value, with a total of 108 oz of play-doh for a great price.

An Amazon exclusive to take advantage of. You will get a lot of fun with this valued mega pack deal.

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2. 60 Cans – Play-Doh 60th Anniversary Celebration Pack

Play-doh cans included in package: 60  

Colors included: Mix of different colors

Size of can: Small cans, mini cans. 1 oz each.

Total weight of play-doh: 60 oz or 1680 g

Age: 2+

60 cans of play-doh all in different colors will keep your child or children busy for a while. These are also great for party favors. With 60 cans included in the celebration pack, it’s the biggest play-doh set that we have seen.

If you find a larger pack please let us know in the comment section below.

You will be sure to enjoy this mix and variety pack!

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3. 24 Pack Play-Doh Modeling Compound 24-Pack Case of Colors

Play-doh cans included in package: 24  

Colors included: Rainbow colors, which means a mix of colors.

Size of can: Regular size cans, 3 oz each.

Total weight of play-doh: 72 oz.

Age: 2+

24 cans of mixed colored play-doh fun. This is a similar package to the 36 can option, but with 24 cans instead.

Looking at the play-doh can amount and price I would say that you’ll get a better deal going with 36 cans.

Still, the 24 cans are a good deal if you don’t need the big package.

If you are looking for hours of play-doh fun for your own kids this might be a great option, you really do get a lot of value for the money going with the bigger cans.

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4. 48 Piece Easter Egg Stuffers

Play-doh cans included in package: 48 eggs  

Colors included: 4 colors, pink, blue, purple and yellow.

Size of can: size of an easter egg.

Total weight of play-doh: N/A

Age: 3+

12 pack of 4 Easter eggs filled with play-doh. These are fun Easter egg options or additions to the candy.

These are perfect for egg hunts or to put in kids Easter baskets.

This bulk buy includes 12 packages of 4 eggs each. So a total of 12 pink, 12 blue, 12 yellow and 12 purple play-doh eggs. Great not only for Easter but for other fun occasions, small and easy to bring along.

These were something I had in my purse for my own kids when they were little. Perfect to pull out a play-doh egg when the kids need to be entertained in a restaurant or other public place.

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5. 18 Cans Play-Doh Confetti Compound Collection, 3-Pack

Play-doh cans included in package: 18 cans  

Colors included: 6 colors, dark pink, light pink, white, blue, brown and yellow.

Size of can: medium size, 2 oz each.

Total weight of play-doh: 36 oz.

Age: 3+

3 sets of 6 cans each in this confetti compound collection.

Take a classic play-doh color and add the colorful confetti and you have a new angle on the play-doh fun. Add a new level of creativity to the confetti fun!

These are super cute and super fun. If your child has one of the play-doh set where they can make shapes, adding these confetti ones will give a new sparkle to the shapes.

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Doesn’t matter if you are shopping for a party or for your kids, hopefully, this Top 5 Play-Doh in Bulk list, will help you find what you are looking for.

Remember to put the lids on tight after use that way the play-doh will stay workable and moist for a lot longer.

Enjoy your play-doh fun with the kids!!


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